Thursday, September 24, 2009

This is a Pointless Post.

My darling husband (who is the greatest and bestest person in the whole wide world – and who is also in the same room as me right now) bought me a new laptop for my birthday this week.  She’s shiny and red and I love her.  I have decided to name her Scarlett (I DO live in ‘The South’ now, after all).

She also has a very neat feature which allows me to update my blog without going through the rigmarole of signing in to blog spot, and clicking ‘new post’ and etc.

Mike is so excited by this that he has offered to ‘test’ it for me.

Thoughtful of him, hey?

However I have decided to test it for myself – thus saving Mike from all that effort, and also proving that I am not the complete techno-fail that I generally consider myself to be.