Saturday, January 12, 2008

Happy Stinking New Year

It can be tough to hear wishes for happiness, even knowing that they are generally meaningless statements made in passing by random strangers. I was tempted more than once in the last week or so to reply "Well it can't possibly be worse than LAST year."

A friend of mine (who also lost a child last year) posted an excellent comment online that discussed the importance of not wallowing so much in our grief that we dishonour the ones we have lost. And I agree with him. Completely.

Of course the nature of grief is contrary. I can one hundred percent agree and at the same time disagree. You thought artists had it easy with pleading 'artistic licence' all the time!

While I am in no way about to turn my back on life I also feel it is important (for me, at least) to take the unhappy moments along with the happy. I believe that my tears honour him just as much as my laughter does.

I may take a moment, every now and then, to be sad. Not to wallow, but just to be... sad.

So, Happy Stinking New Year. Some days heavy on the happy, some days heavy on the stinking.