Thursday, August 02, 2007


Oh, what a terrible cost,
To lose a son to save the lost,
To have to pay a price so dear,
God, you have no idea.

Oh, what a terrible pain,
To meet with grieving once again,
To know the hurt when loved ones go,
God, you just don't know.

Oh, what a terrible mess,
The aftermath - our great distress,
To walk this sharp and barren land,
God, you don't understand.

Oh, what a terrible weight,
To choose to love, and not to hate,
When dark ones whisper, 'Just forget it',
God, you just don't get it.

Oh, what a terrible Grace,
The blood, and the sweat,
...and the tears on His face,
To choose to pay a price so dear,
God, you've already been here.

(July 22/07)


Paula boardman said...

Hi Amy. I take it you're back in the states now? I'm sorry we didn't get the chance to catch up during the time you were in sydney. Please contact me via my blog: -all comments go directly to my mobile so i can email you back.
Paula (Boardman)

Warren Bird said...

Amy, good to see you writing again.

Jackie said...

Amy. Your words say so much, and there's so few I can say. Thanks for letting it flow.

Oney said...

God bless your heart, Amy. Beautiful words.