Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Eating Humble Pie

Well, after 18 straight hours of rain it finally got cold enough for....

...wait for it...


Okay, to be honest it actually snowed for the first time (this winter) a few weeks ago. But that was such a piddly amount it didn't bear mentioning. This time we're talking about snow that actually gathers on the ground and can picked up and formed into snow balls. The kids loved it. Us big kids did too. Even if it meant frolicking around in the dark, rather than risk having the illusive stuff disappear on us by morning.

Picture, if you please, Mike and Oli facing off against each other. In the red corner is Mike, armed with a snow ball the size of his head (and we all know that's pretty sizeable), Oli in the blue corner proudly toting a snow ball the size of... well, a marble. You can probably figure out who came off best. Well, we all know Mike throws like a girl. Hmm.. might not let him know I've updated, just this once.

So I recant my former position on the existence of snow. I bear witness to the presence of snow in my yard, right now. Never let it be said that I can not admit it when I am proved wrong.

Snow is real, and if any of you are still in doubt let me know and I'll post you some to prove it.


Anonymous said...

Please do not insult the female gender as you did in this post.

My wife and most females can throw much farther than he can.

By the way - you might want to watch out for frostbite.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you guys had snow!!!
It is so fun to play in!
Also, I am sure you are nice and warm right now. Last weekend, we had a windchill of -66F (-54/55C) YOWZA!