Monday, November 14, 2005

Culinary sciences.

This is terribly important advice. Seriously. Get out a pen and write this one down. We have suffered in the name of science and feel it is important to share the results of our research with the world. Yesterday an important discovery was made. It turns out that two minute noodles (or 'ramen' as they call it over here) will burn if you neglect to put any water in the bowl while cooking them in the microwave. Truly. Ask my son. No, not the one who deservedly has a reputation for destruction. The one who ordinarily is known for being quite bright. Also, the heat from burning noodles is sufficient to melt a hole in the base of a plastic bowl. On a related topic someone really needs to contact the people at Glade. Let me tell you, 'burnt noodles and melted plastic' smell has got the sort of staying power that puts 'ocean fresh' to shame. I can hear the accolades from the scientific community already.

At least we learnt a valuable lesson. Sam learnt that noodles need to be cooked in water. I learnt to be a lot more specific with my instructions. Laura learnt nothing. She went and did the exact same thing today! Hmmm... must make a point of watching Oliver especially closely tomorrow...

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